Diving in The Scilly isles

These are some images captured by our ace amateur underwater photographer Roy Povey during the club's 2003 trip to The Scilly Isles



  The bow of the Cita

The Cita was a container ship and was wrecked in 1997 it was carrying a cargo of car tyres fridge magnets key rings T-shirts and shorts all vital stuff, even though it has only been sunk for a short while the wreck has been battered quite badly . We dived this wreck twice during out stay on the Scilly Isles. As you can see this a really nice wreck to dive on and is still very much still ship shape.



Snake locks anemone close to the wreck site .



Swimming along the deck of the Cita trying not to kick up the silt.



  Mid-ships on the Cita






One of our instructors demonstrates buoyancy control on the Hathor and Plympton

In these shots there are two wrecks, the Plympton which ran aground on the Lethegus rocks in 1909  it was a 2869 ton steamer. The other wreck is the Hathor 7060 tons carrying a cargo of oil cake and potash sank stern first after her engines failed and she sank across the wreck of the Plympton. Another wreck we dived on was the Minniehaha she was wrecked in 1871 a four masted barque only fragments of her left now and none of her cargo of guano thank goodness.



The Gilstone



The Cita



 The remains of the mast of the ship.



I believe this is part of the winch but the deck is twisted at this point so I am not sure,



 This is the remains of the engine you can just see the broken boiler tubes showing.



Soft corals cover the long Trenamene wall   the whole wall was covered with different anemones and corals the sun was not very good that day and I had to use a flash gun to get the colours



Jewel anemones growing along the wall, the currents sweep past the wall bringing food to the anemones



 The water visibility is really good around the Scillys



 White anemones.



 Deadmans fingers a type of soft coral.



 Trenamene wall



 Trenamene wall



  Part of the wreck of the Italia 2792 ton freighter carrying coal from Cardiff to Toronto  depth 30 metres.



Finally we were diving with seals you will notice there are no seals in the photos every time I got within range they would dive off they would come from behind me a swim just out of my vision every one would see them but me one was swimming under me and I did not know every one thought this was really funny

This out of focus shot is the best I could get and this was after he had dived under me .